Roald Dahl’s Three Little Pigs: A Tail-twistingly Treacherous Musical

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  • Adapted by Matthew White and Ana Sanderson
  • Orchestral music by Paul Patterson
  • Published by: A & C Black Music, 2007
  • Includes CD
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Another revolting addition to the Roald Dahl series of musicals for schools see the Piggies in a tight corner – who will save them? There are five starring roles and dozens of extra parts both off stage and on – and everyone can sing in the chorus. Roald Dahl’s The Three Little Pigs is another exciting addition to A&C Black’s Roald Dahl series of musicals for schools. It joins Snow-White and the Seven Dwarfs, Jack and the Beanstalk, Goldilocks and the Three Bears and Little Red Riding Hood in a glittering line-up of wickedly funny productions which children and audiences just love.

Piggy No. 3 is in a tight corner – Wolf has gobbled up his neighbours and now he’s hammering at the door with a stick of dynamite in his hand. Who can Piggy call on for help? Sweet Miss Riding Hood, of course – the fearless wolf-slayer. And how is he to know that she fancies a pigskin handbag to go with her wolfskin coat?! As with every one of these great Roald Dahl musicals, The Three Little Pigs is based on an orchestral commission by the Roald Dahl Foundation. The concert work, from which the schools’ musical is derived is by Paul Patterson, and schools can use the extracts provided from the orchestral work to enhance their performances. Schools can buy a performance licence online on the A&C Black musicals website.