Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (ZX Spectrum)

  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a 1985 video game which was released on the ZX Spectrum.
  • The game consists of five sub-games, four arcade and an arcade adventure. The first four must be completed to get access to the final part.
    • In the first part the player must make Augustus Gloop float into a flask by adjusting the directions of a selection of tubes.
    • The second part requires the avoiding of blueberries thrown by Violet Beauregarde.
    • In the third game Veruca Salt has to dodge squirrels.
    • In the fourth game Mike Teavee has to avoid TV men while collecting chocolate bars.
    • The final part is a Jet Set Willy-style game where the player must collect six golden keys.


  • Sinclair User said that it “palls after a very short time. However, as the package comprises five games and the book it must represent reasonable value for money.”
  • Your Spectrum said that “the package was overpriced, with the best item being the book.” and “Seeing as how Roald Dahl is usually known for his horror stories, he’ll probably be very happy with the Spectrum version.”