“Attention, please! Attention, please…”

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Plot Description

Spoiler warning! This song is sung by the Oompa-Loompas after Grandma Georgina takes too much Wonka-Vite. It tells of the dangers of taking prescribed medicine that isn’t yours. A child called Goldie Pinklesweet was staying with her grandmother in Kent. Once her grandmother goes out, Goldie rushes to the medicine shelf and eats all of grandma’s little brown chocolate-coated pills. Unfortunately they’re a powerful laxative and Goldie starts feeling very sick. Her grandma returns home and calls the ambulance. At the hospital they try to save her, but the doctors say she’s dead. “I’m not so sure,” the child replied. “I’ll be okay, I think.” So Goldie lived and went back home with her parents. She took so many of the pills, though, that traces were invariably left behind. That’s why Goldie has to spend seven hours every day in the bathroom.

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