“How They Will Vote”

For the June 4, 1983 issue, The Spectator (UK) “invited a number of people from various walks of life to say how they would vote in the general election, and why. Some regarded the question as impertinent; others feared that an answer would have a detrimental effect on their professional or social lives.” Dahl was one of those who gave an answer. (You can read the rest here.)

Roald Dahl: I haven’t always voted Conservative, but this time I shall. I couldn’t vote for the SDP because I never vote for renegades. Labour are wafflers and weak and not particularly honest. There is one thing you can say about Mrs Thatcher and her men and that is that they are honourable people and tough; they’ve got some guts. We have a good leader in Mrs. Thatcher. I feel particularly strongly about unilateral disarmament, because I don’t believe in letting other people do the dirty work for you. You have to share the responsibilities and the risks. Unilateral disarmament is monstrous.