Someone Like You

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Information on identifying editions is from Richard Walker’s “Roald Dahl – A Guide to Collecting His First Editions”.

  • First editions:
    • Knopf, 1953, USA.
      • To identify: Used a standard ‘First Edition’ statement and published with a dust jacket priced $3.50.
    • Secker & Warburg, 1954, UK.
      • To identify: Used a standard single statement and published with a dust jacket priced at 12s/6d. Note: Note: this edition was missing two stories contained in the Knopf edition: “Neck” and “The Great Automatic Grammatisator.”
    • Michael Joseph, 1961, UK.
      • To identify: Used a standard single statement that included the wording: ‘This revised and expanded edition…’ Published with a dust jacket priced at 15s net. Note: this edition restored the two stories missing from the Secker & Warburg edition, making its contents identical to the original Knopf edition.
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  • “Books and Authors” in July 29, 1954 issue of Western Mail (read online
  • “Collection of Curiosos” by William Peden in December 26, 1953 issue of The Saturday Review (read online
  • “Reviews in Brief” in August 28, 1954 issue of The Sydney Morning Herald (read online
  • “Short and Original” in June 12, 1954 issue of The Advertiser (read online
  • “Subtle Bludgeoner” by John Barkham in November 8, 1953 issue of The Toledo Blade (read online)


Dutch Covers – M’n liefje, m’n duifje

Estonian Covers – Keegi sinu moodi

Finnish Covers – Joku Kaltaisesi

Note: this book contains eight stories from Someone Like You and three from Kiss Kiss.

French Covers – Bizarre! Bizarre!

German Covers – … und noch ein Küsschen!

Russian Covers

Slovenian Covers – Takšen kot ti

Swedish Covers – Någon Som Du