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  • First editions: Penguin, 2017.
  • Audio Books:
    • Fear read by Julian Rhind-Tutt, Kevin Eldon, Tom Felton and Rory Kinnear
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A collection of deliciously dark ghost stories for adults, picked by Roald Dahl himself . . .

Do you enjoy being scared? Featuring fourteen classic spine-chilling stories chosen by Roald Dahl, these terrible tales of ghostly goings-on will have you shivering with fear as you turn the pages.

They include such timeless and haunting stories as Sheridan Le Fanu’s “The Ghost of a Hand,” Edith Wharton’s “Afterward,” Cynthia Asquith’s “The Corner Shop” and Mary Treadgold’s “The Telephone.”

Featuring extraordinary cover art by Charming Baker, whose paintings echo the dark and twisted world of Dahl’s short stories.

Roald Dahl reveals even more about the darker side of human nature in seven other centenary editions featuring his own stories: Lust, Madness, Cruelty, Deception, Trickery, Innocence and War.