Disenchantments – An Anthology of Modern Fairy Tale Poetry

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  • Published by:
    • University Press of New England, 1985, USA.
  • Edited by: Wolfgang Mieder
  • Decorated with the black and white work of Hans Ruhl
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In the present anthology 101 fairy tale poems by 78 authors of English-speaking countries have been assembled for the first time. This collection is the result of more than a decade’s work, searching out these poems in books of poetry, poetry journals, and literary as well as cultural magazines. Only poems from [the 20th] century have been included since poems of the ninteenth century are often lengthy and usually just retell the fiary tale plot in rhymed form.

The poems in this collection are arranged into eleven chapters; the first two present a potpourri of poems that talk in general about the sense of fairy tales today and poems that react to various fairy tales or motifs. The remaining nine chapters deal with the most popular Grimm fairy tales, and they are arranged according to their sequence in the standard Grimm collection.

These poems are meant for adults just as the original fairy tales were told among adults to help them cope with the hardships, worries, and uncertainties of everyday life.