Best Book of Sports Stories

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  • Published by:
    • Doubleday and Company, 1966, USA.
  • Edited by: M. A. Donnelly
  • Illustrated by: Julio Freire
  • Also contains:
    • “The Diving Fool” by Franklin M. Reck
    • “A Piece of Steak” by Jack London
    • “A Busher’s Letters Home” by Ring Lardner
    • “Thicker Than Water” by Paul Gallico
    • “The Zealots of Cranston Tech” by Archie Oldham
    • “The Winning Bug” by Jackson Scholz
    • “The Greatest Victory” by Frank O’Rourk
    • “A Cure for Lumbago” by Charles Van Loan
    • “Dog Man” by Vereen Bell
    • “Bigger Than A Victory” by Owen Johnson
    • “His Finest Race” by A. Stanley Kramer
    • “Matilda” by Le Grand
    • “Last Race” by Harry Sylvester
    • “Mountain Madness” by Tom Hopkinson
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