Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Stories that Go Bump in the Night

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  • Published by:
    • Random House, 1977, USA.
  • Also contains:
    • “The Damned Thing” by Ambrose Bierce
    • “The Scruff of the Soul” by Doroty Salisbury Davis
    • “Murder On St.Valentine’s Day” by Mignon G. Eberhart
    • “Hey, Look At Me!” by Jack Finney
    • “Muldoon And The Numbers Game” by Robert L. Fish
    • “The Capture” by James Hay, Jr.
    • “The Guide’s Story” by Dion Henderson
    • “Woodrow Wilson’s Necktie” by Patricia Highsmith
    • “Something For The Dark” by Edward D. Hoch
    • “The Grey Shroud” by Antony Horner
    • “The Gentleman Caller” by Veronica Parker Johns
    • “The Coconut Trial” by Don Knowlton
    • “Man In A Trap” by John D. Macdonald
    • “The Bearded Lady” by Ross Macdonald
    • “Dead Game” by Harold Q. Masur
    • “No Such Thing As A Vampire” by Richard Matheson
    • “A Piece Of The World” by Steve O’Connell
    • “Easy Mark” by Talmage Powell
    • “Proof Of Guilt” by Bill Pronzini
    • “The Operator” by Jack Ritchie
    • “The Other Celia” by Theodore Sturgeon
    • “An Evening In Whitechapel” by Nancy Swoboda
    • “Wile Versus Guile” by Arthur Train
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