“Roald Dahl – A Collector’s Guide to His First Editions”

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  • Written by: Richard Walker
  • Published by:
    • Book and Magazine Collector magazine
      • April 2002
      • Issue number 217


Richard Walker has gotten in touch to confirm that this guide has an error:

The error in that first article was in relation to the early SBN numbers on the back of the Knopf ‘James and the Giant Peach’.  At the time I wrote the article there were very few copies to be found and one rather prestigious US bookshop sold me one with an SBN, claiming it was an original jacket and another rather high-end eastern shop told me they had a copy from the Dahl family with SBN.  I knew that ‘official’ SBNs didn’t come into play until about 1968 and incorrectly surmised that Knopf had started some kind of code of their own.  It wasn’t until sometime later that I’d seen enough ‘real’ copies that I knew the original jacket should have no SBN on the rear.  Researching ‘points’ on books is full of frustrations.

In May 2020 Richard published “Roald Dahl – A Guide to Collecting His First Editions” on his website which has corrected this error.