Autograph letter


‘Dear Mama’ from school, ‘Thank you for the marmite and raisons, I do not mean such a big pot, but I did not know what they cost…’; he discusses his school’s cricket match ‘…we were very bad, wer’nt we getting beaten by all those points…’ and other leisure activities ‘…yesterday we had a Cinamatograph, it was on all sorts of things…one on ants which was very interesting, it showed them fighting…’; he asks for some stamps ‘…could you send me some swops, because there is a boy here who has got over 20 of those black penny queen Victoria, and I can swop one for you as well…’; and closes with his results in class in arithmetic, at which he was first, through to Latin at which he was bottom of the class [he was 11th out of 15 for English grammar and composition!]

Roald Dahl
Autograph letter signed by Roald Dahl sent to his mother
two pages, 8vo, St. Peter’s, Weston-super-Mare, Feb. 20th 1927

Roald Dahl was a prolific and detailed letter writer to his mother, whether he was writing from school, during his time in the RAF, or on his travels abroad.