The Magical World of Roald Dahl (#39)

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  • This magazine was published fortnightly in the UK by Eaglemoss Publications starting in 2005.
  • Contents:
    • “Terrific Tale – The Mouse-Burglar” – He may have been turned into a mouse but this boy is determined to stop the witches! (from The Witches)
    • “Behind The Book – An Exciting Life” – From dare-devil pilot to children’s author. Find out more about Roald’s dazzling life.
    • “Amazing Art Class – Draw the Mouse-Boy” – Get your pencils out and have a go at drawing this furry little fellow
    • “The Roald Dahl Story – In the Dark” – After his scary accident Roald Dahl fears that he will never see again!
    • “Get Whizzily Busy – Dippy Frogs!” – These froggy peppers filled with delicious dips make a yummy snack for any occasion
    • “Get Whizzily Busy – Secret Sock” – Got a secret you want to stash? Winch it away in a spliffling sock!
    • “Fantastic Fact File – Amazing Amphibians” – From noisy toads and slimy salamanders to froggy fans and stowaway newts – it’s all here!
    • “Phizz-Whizzing Puzzles – Dumbfounding Brain Busters” – If you are potty about puzzles then this is the perfect page for you!
    • plus more
  • Comes with Card Pack