The Magical World of Roald Dahl (#10)

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  • This magazine was published fortnightly in the UK by Eaglemoss Publications starting in 2005.
  • Contents:
    • “Terrific Tale – The Chocolate Room” – Charlie and the other children get their first real taste of the magical factory… (from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)
    • “Behind The Book – Whipple-Scrumpets and Real-life Wonkas” – Roald Dahl gave a LOT of thought to the names he gave his characters
    • Amazing Art Class – Draw an Oompa-Loompa” – These mischievous little people are great fun to draw – give it a go on your Art Paper!
    • “The Roald Dahl Story – A Visit to the Doctor” – Not all of the Roald’s summer holiday memories were happy…
    • “Get Whizzily Busy – Hot Choc Swudge Drink” – It’s chocolatey! It’s minty! It’s hot AND it’s cold! How’s that for an amazing treat?
    • “Get Whizzily Busy – Augustus Gloop Draft Stopper” – Let the chubby chappie help keep your bedroom nice and toasty
    • “Fantastic Fact File – Wonderful Waters!” – Rivers are incredible things, you know! There is even a real Chocolate River…
    • “Phizz-Whizzing Puzzles – Twizzling Teasers” – Calling all clever clogs! Test your IQ with these puzzling puzzles
    • plus more
  • Comes with Card Pack and art paper