The Magical World of Roald Dahl (#06)

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  • This magazine was published fortnightly in the UK by Eaglemoss Publications starting in 2005.
  • Published: 2005
  • Contents:
    • “Terrific Tale – How to Recognise a Witch” – Read this very carefully – the information might just come in handy!
    • “Behind The Book – Roald Dahl’s Magical Memories” – Childhood memories of Norwegian holidays inspired Roald Dahl’s writing A LOT!
    • “Amazing Art Class – Draw a Witch” – You may think you can draw a witch…but can you draw a Roald Dahl witch?!
    • “The Roald Dahl Story – The Great Mouse Plot” – Part One – Roald and his school friends are up to mischief and someone is going to suffer…
    • “Get Whizzily Busy – Witches’ Fingers and Blue Spit Dip” – Now THIS is a party snack that will make your friends take notice!
    • “Get Whizzily Busy – Witch Balls” – No need to worry about evil spells when you’ve got these in your room…
    • “Fantastic Fact File – Wonderful and Wicked Witches” – Read about famous real-life witches (yes, really!) and the tools of their trade
    • “Phizz-Whizzing Puzzles – Magical Mind Mayhem” – You can’t afford to be lazy with witches around, so get into action with these puzzling puzzles
    • plus more