The Marvellous World of Roald Dahl

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    • Title:  The Marvellous World of Roald Dahl
    • Director: Andrew Thompson
    • Readings by: Robert Lindsay
    • Produced by: BBC Two
    • Originally aired: July 22, 2016
    • Runtime: 59 minutes


Fighter pilot, inventor, spy – the life of Roald Dahl is often stranger than fiction. From crashing his plane over Africa to hobnobbing in Hollywood, and his remarkable encounters with everyone from Walt Disney to President Roosevelt – this is the story of his greatest adventures, and how his real-life escapades find expression in his most famous books, from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to Matilda.

Through a vast collection of his letters, writings and archive, the story is told largely in his own words, with contributions from his last wife Liccy, daughter Lucy and biographer Donald Sturrock. Long-term collaborator and illustrator Quentin Blake also creates exclusive new drawings for the film which are specially animated to bring Dahl’s marvellous world to life.

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