Roald Dahl: The Master Of Darkness And Light

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  • Author: J. L. Gargett
  • Published by: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2017
  • Description: Roald Dahl: The Master Of Darkness And Light is the epitome of accessible literary criticism and will appeal to any fan of Roald Dahl’s work. Addressing texts that have previously been neglected by academic critics, this book offers new findings and fresh perspectives on Dahl’s stories for adults and children. The commercial success that Dahl enjoyed as an adult short story writer has not translated into significant academic interest in this aspect of his work. This book fills a void, exploring the nature and focus of what criticism does exist and even proposing a theory to explain its scarcity. Offering three, meticulously researched essays, this collection extends the sphere of Dahl studies. The first essay discusses The BFG and Matilda in some detail, asserting that Dahl’s work for children deals in disturbing ideas. The second essay addresses Dahl’s use of fear and humour in The Minpins. The final essay offers the first, comprehensive examination of Dahl’s treatment of death, investigating how Dahl deals with death in fifty-eight short stories published between 1944 and 1988. This essay asserts that Dahl was a master of the short story form and that his manifold use of death exemplifies his artistry. This collection of essays is essential reading for anyone wishing to delve deeper into Dahl’s work.
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