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James and the Giant Peach Quiz

Answer each question and then click the "Check Answers" button at the bottom. If you get a perfect score, you'll be able to put your name up on my Trivia Master Board. And remember, these quizzes are based on the books, not the movies!

1. What happens to James' parents?
    Car accident
    Eaten by a rhino
    Plane crash
    Eaten by giants
2. Who does James meet in the clump of laurel bushes?
    Aunt Sponge
    An old bald man
    A witch with a snake
3. How big does the peach eventually grow?
    As big as a basketball
    As big as a pumpkin
    As big as a car
    As big as a house
4. Which was NOT an insect James met in the peach?
5. What happens to Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker?
    The peach runs over them
    They recapture James
    The police arrest them
    They become millionaires
6. How many seagulls does it take to lift the peach?
7. What are the Cloud Men doing when James first spots them?
    Painting a rainbow
    Rolling hailstones
    Beating thunder drums
    Making snow
8. What breaks the strings holding the seagulls to the peach?
    An airplane
    A giant rhinoceros
    Cloud-Men cut the ropes
9. What does the Mayor of New York give James and his friends?
    The key to the city
    An official pardon
    A ticker-tape parade
    A party in Central Park
10. According to the story, who wrote the book you've "just finished reading"?
    The BFG
    Roald Dahl
    The Centipede


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